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The New Way to Show You Care!



Healthcare programs for individuals starting at only $149 per month  



Healthcare programs for couples starting at only $249 per month



Healthcare programs for families starting at only $249 per month

Choose How You Share

What Makes Share HealthCare Different?

1. Direct

Direct member-to-member cost sharing via our secure sharing network

2. Individual

individualized bank accounts for
each member

3. Easy

View, download, and print membership materials direct from our website

4. Flexable

Flexible enrollment dates

5. Secure

Secure online member account where members can submit medical expenses, access information related to your membership, and more

6. Believe

Statement of Beliefs based on Christian principles

Find the program that fits you

Choose True Member To Member Sharing.


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What is Medical Cost Sharing?

What’s in a name? Share HealthCare is exactly how it sounds — an easy and modern way to share medical expenses with your friends and neighbors online. It is not health insurance. We are a non-profit organization of members who strive to be healthy and active individuals utilizing the latest technology to voluntarily share medical costs through our direct member-to-member cost sharing.

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Keep Your Providers

At Share HealthCare, we understand that the relationship between patients and doctors is an important one that takes time to establish. That’s why Share Healthcare allows members to keep their current providers and keep that relationship going strong for years to come. If your provider has never worked with Share HealthCare before, you can submit your bill to us for reimbursement.

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Am I Eligible?

Anyone who shares our belief in Christian principles is welcome to join. Our Statement of Beliefs is based on Christian principles of generosity and healthy living, and all who agree to those principles are welcome to join us in uplifting others through the new blessing of medical cost sharing.


What Are Members Are Saying

"Great Option For Me"

Share HealthCare was a great option for me when i didn't have employer-offered health insurance. The costumer service was always extremally helpful whenever i called.

- Chad S

"Best Fit For My Family"

I am finding Share HealthCare to be the best fit for my family. It was easy to enroll, and really easy to manage our medical bills. Everything's really easy to follow in our family's portal.

- Jimmy G

"Part Of A Community"

I joined Share HealthCare mainly just because of the low monthly payment, but after I was a member and read through the member handbook, I realized that part of each month's payment if going to help orphaned children in Africa. That made me feel even better about the decision I made.

- Kraig W

"Tremendous Service"

A tremendous service for those without insurance or as a supplement for those with insurance. i have several friends 50+ years old that utilize this and we aee all extremally pleased with it.

- Peter H

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The New Way to Show You Care!

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